About us

About Us

We are manufacturer and supplier of Power & Distribution since 1998. POWERLINK has grown up in manufacturing transformers up to 2000KVA, 33KV class. In addendum this we are adopt in the repairing & manufacturing of Power & Distribution Transformers ranging from 25KVA To 2000KVA And 3.3KV class. At POWERLINK we are bent-on to produce transformers as per National And International Standards.


Each and every raw material, which is used in making of a transformer is subject to strict and vigorous testing. Every component is checked at all stages of inspection. Apart from section wise testing of components and sub assembles, the complete transformer undergoes all the routine tests as per WAPDA P10: 1967 Specification in our well equipped Test Laboratory.

moeen ali butt

Moeen Ahemd Butt (CEO)